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  1. maximus66

    OSCam CacheEX cs378x mode2 maxhop3 all caid

    I have 3 oscam's with strong and clean cache cs378x mod. Only oscam, no csp, no mcs.
  2. CyberPoison

    exchange cs378x mod 2 = oscam-oscam

    Hi everyone, I'm looking for peeers to exchange cs378x mod 2 i have 2 independent servers so i need two cs378x lines i reply with two from my ns1 and ns2, Only 24/24 hours servers up accepted no dumb servers. Server 1 Info Operating system Ubuntu Linux 18.04 Webmin version 1.890 Time on...
  3. B

    Looking for 1W, 16E, 19E, 28.2E, 39E

    I am looking for long term cccam, mgcamd, cs378x or camd35 exchange only with the providers below: Bulsat, Polaris - 4AEE skyde NDS - 09C4 RCS/RDS/DIGI TV - 1802 CANAL DIGITAL 1W, Antik SK, MTV - 0B00 RCS/RDS/DIGI TV - 1880 UPC/FOCUSE/ESS - 0B02 slyde NDS - 098C SKY DIGITAL UK SD - 0963...
  4. SibUK

    0963, 0960, 1841 Cacheex Mode2 cs378x

    Looking to exchange 0963, 0960, 1841 Cacheex Mode2 cs378x only Oscam only CSP or MultiCS on this Oscam No 0 posters or newbies Send your reader like this please .. dont be lazy and just send User, Pass and Port [reader] label = CACHEEX protocol...
  5. ybaboo

    Exchanging n lines n to n line for MultiCS R82

    Please send your lines via private message - will reply quick as possible N to N only Caids: 1803 (Polsat) / 0100 (cyfra+) / 0b01 (cyfra conax) / 183D (Tivu) Also n to n for 0500 / adults cards (043800 041700 042700 032500) Looking for 1884 if anyone have
  6. M

    OSCam CacheEX / cs378x / mode 2

    OSCam @ cs378x @ mode 2 OSCam CacheEX mode 2 Local: 0100, 1803, 1830, 1884 Mode 2 / hop 3 cs378x only: 098E, 098C, 09C4, 1830, 1838, 1843, 09C7, 0D95, 1838, 0B00, 0D9x, 0100, 1803, 1861, 0500... Please send your active line. Every line will be checked. I will send mine line imidiatelly. no...
  7. P

    OSCam newest SVN CacheEx CS378x Mode 2, located Germany, EU-CAIDS

    Hi ! I am looking for serious long time peers for following CAIDS: 0B00,0D00,0100,0500,1810,1843,09C4,098C,1838,09E I have 1838,1843,098C as real locals, which feed my cache, as well as currently 25 stable peers. Cache-Size is ~8-10k. I run my own full dedicated server and I test each peer...
  8. CyberPoison

    CPU LOAD AT 100% [OSCAM] PROBLEM 2nd time*

    Hello my friend from Today when i wake up today i see the usage of cpu at 100% in my oscam and he have crash after some minutes, the last time, i posted in this forum the same problem, i fix with adding 0 (False ) in write statistic (Cache) option, but now i have all reader in hop...
  9. CyberPoison

    CS378X @mod-2 @Oscam 11K size-cache

    Hello friends, I am looking serious peers for exchange please no CSP and no Multics, Conditions ; 1º ALL caids accepted ( Priority for european caids ), 2º good internet connection, 3º VPS are welcome here !!! 4º people with local card is welcome !!! 5º No error with preference !!! 6º...
  10. C

    Exchange [Only] CacheEX

    Hello Brothers, I create this topic to exchange with you my CacheEX based on 2 servers use MultiCS-R83 / R81. I accept all profiles just via CacheEx. I use My VPS like a keys cloud So It is like a database to exchange keys, So all are welcome. {Let star The best Multics EMU again} Best Regards.
  11. K

    Oscam Exchange N or C line caids 1810, [email protected]

    Exchange 1810 & or [email protected], I use only the live sids that are left in my services file. N - N line C - C line cacheex - cacheex PM Me a test line, i will reply asap, thx. OSCAM ONLY no multics no CSP
  12. S

    Exchange Multics Lines

    Hi everybody! I cleaned my best server from shit :poop: partners, any good peers are welcome! I try to find seriously :y: peers for long time cooperation! Exchange only C = C CACHE = CACHE CS378X = CS378X CACHEEX = CACHEEX Send only active lines to me, i'll repy asap. Cheers! :hello:
  13. amin ahmad

    hi there

    hi everyone i'm amin ahmad and i'm new here,i hope that i may find a good friends!! and i wish a very good weekend to everyne
  14. smobile_2004

    Exchange N line Multics 0963,0960,1841 R83

    Exchange N line Multics 0963,0960,1841 R83 Cache , Cacheex, N line CAID: 0963,0960,1841 THANKS
  15. dmtsat

    CacheEx exchange @ Oscam @ Cs378x @ mode 2

    Hello Dedicated oscam to CacheEx exchange. All CAID are welcome. happy share.
  16. M

    Exchange CACHE 2VPS EU

    Hi all, Exchange CacheEX Mod2 and Cache Peer Mcs R81 Those interested are asked to send exchange lines and will respond immediately! Thank you !
  17. Helmut69

    Exchange MG / CS378x cacheex_mode=2 R82

    Hello Strong german server MCS r82 nano E0 fix w/ 12GB / online 24/7/365 Exchange all caids MG=MG CS378x=CS378x cacheex_mode=2 Rules : - One IP / server - No CACHE PEER - Bad lines / 0 cards deleted without WARNING Regards
  18. C

    CacheEX - Csat Only

    Dear Peers, After a big clean for my servers I need the new peers to exchange those profiles : Csat Viacess & TNT Sat on ASTRA 19°E. Please Send your Lines CacheEX active with mode 2. Best Regards. example : { cacheex_mode=2...
  19. dzboudjemaa

    CacheEX Exchange @ OSCam @ cs378x @ cccam @ mode 2

    Hi, I've oscam lattest version I exchange CACHE-EX mode 2 only used protos: CCcam and CS378X caids/provids: 0100:00006A Canal Digital 0100:00006C TV Vlaanderen 0100:00006D Telesat 0100:3311,3315,3317 CSAT SECA 0100:004106 Digital+ SD 0500:042800 BIS TV 0500:042820 AB SAT 0500:030B00 TNT SAT...
  20. ucefmath

    oscam disablecrccws patch CacheEX

    Patch and oscam build x64 to ignore CRC check on both ident 030b00 & 032830 works also on cacheex mode 2 & 3